Couple's Massage

Couples Massage Class: Basic Massage Techniques for the Home Healer

Have you ever tried to give a friend a massage and lost your way past the shoulders? This class will show you how to do basic techniques for a Swedish massage using proper body mechanics so you won't get too tired, and your friend will feel like they just came out of a spa. 

We will teach about self-care massage, back-ache, sinus, muscle tightness, and a full overview about preforming a massage. This class is not only for couples, this if for all participants: friends, family, and couples alike. At the end of this class you will have a basic routine to work on friends and family. 

Cost of Class $150, and includes: 3 hours of instruction, massage oil samples, and a handout on techniques. Please bring a partner to this class to practice with as your "couple."

Bring a set of twin sheets & a pillow case.

Please call or contact us to register in advance, and be sure to arrive 10 minutes early to check in so that class can begin on time! :)

Click here to read testimonials from students of the June 2012 classes!

Upcoming Couples Massage & Family Wellness Classes

all classes start @ 11 am 

Saturday, October 18th

Saturday, November 15th

Sunday, November 16th
Saturday, December 6th
Saturday, December 13th

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