A Personal and Professional Path for Helping Others Holistically

Fair Oaks Massage Institute

How to Get Certified & Work

as a Professional Massage Therapist

DISCLAIMER: The pathways described below are just examples of how one might obtain certification and/or licensure to practice massage in the state of California. Your pathway may be different depending on your individual circumstance, situation or geographic location. The laws and regulations regarding Massage Therapy change frequently, so be sure to stay up to date on news regarding regulations. 

There are a few pathways to be eligible to work as a Massage Therapist in the greater Sacramento area of California. If you choose to live and/or work outside of the city or county of Sacramento, please see your local city and/or county business regulations. CAMTC Certification is recognized across the state of California. 

  • ​Always be sure to maintain current liability insurance! Check out our recommended insurance carriers on our Resources & Links page.

Pathway A: CAMTC - Certified Massage Therapist - CAMTC
1. Graduate from a 500+ hour certification program from a CAMTC approved school
2. Register for & pass the MBLEX test ($195) 
Click here for more information about how to register for the MBLEx through the FSMTB
Complete an application for certification for CAMTC CMT [application requirements include (1.) fingerprinting ($60-80), (2.) passport photos ($10-20) & (3.) $150 application fee]
4. Call our staff at 916-965-4063 & pay the $25 fee to to send official stamped and signed copies of your transcripts directly to the
5. Receive you
CAMTC Certified Massage Therapist certificate and card in the mail
6. Find a job through an established massage business to work as an employee, or follow pathway B or C to establish your own massage business.

Pathway B: Special Business License from Sacramento County
1. Graduate from a 500 hour certification program from a BPPE approved school 
Apply for a Special Business License from Sacramento County (application requirements include fingerprinting, proof of professional level insurance); click here to see a document on the Sacramento County Business License webpage regarding updates to Massage Regulations on 5/26/2016
3. Start your own massage business within Sacramento County

Pathway C: Special Business License from City of Sacramento
1. Graduate from a 500 hour certification program from a BPPE approved school 
Apply for a Special Business Permit (Somatic) and review the requirements for starting a business in the city of Sacramento
3. Start your own massage business within the City of Sacramento