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​CLASS:Reiki Drumming I with Marion Hakata and Paula Gordon; June 23, 2019, 10 am - 6 pm, $210 (includes $20 material fee) *must register by June 2 to be accepted into the class roster!* Requirements:  Reiki I; bring your Remo Buffalo Drum, 16″ Standard; Call Marion 916-531-8298 regarding purchasing your drum

​CLASS: Reiki Drumming 2 with Marion Hakata and Paula Gordon; July 14, 2019, 10 am - 6 pm, $190 (includes material fee) *must register by July 7 to be accepted into the class roster!* Requirements:  Requirements: Reiki I and Reiki IIA, Reiki Drumming 1, Remo Buffalo Drum



The Reiki Drumming I Workshop – This beginning studies class will show you how to integrate Reiki energy in the client receiver’s energy body. Drumming releases thoughts and facilitates relaxation. Reiki and Drumming work together to relax, reduce stress, balance, align, and harmonize the whole body system to connect to a higher power and earth energy to produce a deep healing effect.


·       Drumming boosts the immune system

·       Drumming increases cancer-killing cells

·       Alzheimer’s clients become more focused

·       War veterans better cope with trauma

·       Prison and homeless populations gain self-esteem

·       Corporations promote team building

·       Individuals increase right-brain creative ability 

Prerequisite: Reiki First Degree (RI), Remo Buffalo Drum

In this Level 1 class, the focus is on self healing, and you will learn about: 

·       Creating sacred space – 7 sacred directions

·       Drumming meditation

·       What Reiki Drumming is and its origin

·       Doing a Reiki self-healing journey to heal and find your voice

·       Celebrating the integration of your voice and new beginnings

·       Reiki attunement for you and your drum

·       Facilitating a basic Reiki Drumming healing session

·       Adding Reiki chanting to the pulse of the drum



In the Reiki Drumming 2 class, which is the next step, you will learn more drumming protocols for friends, family, and client sessions to add to your Reiki toolbox:

·       Professional ethics for Reiki Drumming practitioners

·       Preparing and creating sacred space

·       Preparing yourself for the work

·       Free form drumming, chanting, and Reiki

·       Changing unhealthy thoughts to healthy thoughts

·       Facilitating balance in the body, mind, and spirit

·       Doing a healing journey for another; i.e., releasing blocks, clearing genetic blocks, ancestral healing, and more

·       Giving and receiving Reiki client Drumming sessions

Prerequisite:  Reiki First Degree (RI), Reiki Second Degree (RIIA), Remo Buffalo Drum


Reiki Drum Guidelines – Level 1 and 2 workshops

Bring your own drum. You will need a Remo Buffalo Drum, 16″, Standard.  This drum is perfect due to the qualities of deep vibration and sound produced, and it is not too heavy.  Following options are suggested for buying or using your own drum.

Option 1:  Remo Buffalo Drum, 3.5″ x 16″, Standard, can be purchased at www.Amazon.com or www.MusiciansFriend.com. You might also find this drum at a local music store.

Option 2:  If you took John Ruiz’s drum making class and want to bring that drum, it is ok for this class.

Option 3:  If you own a drum, and want to use it as your healing drum, please give Marion Hakata a call at 916-531-8298. It must be light enough so that you won’t get tired of holding it for 10-15 minutes or more in a client session.

ATTENTION: Pre-registration is required to attend class. 
Please call us at (916) 965-4063 to register.

Please click here to read and/or fill out the Elective Class Registration form 

*Please note that this class is NOT eligible for CAMTC certification hours. 

Course Pre-requisites:

  • Reiki I /  Reiki IIA
  • Must provide proof of prior massage education to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or Hours